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the*journal is an intimate, self-coaching diary filled with incisive prompts, stunning illustrations, and over 300 thoughtful quests focused on summoning connection with the most powerful person in your life… you. 

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About the*journal

THE IDEALISTS. is a weekly podcast interviewing the world's most idealistic, mission-driven women. From iconic fashion designer Norma Kamali to Grammy-nominated poet Nikki Giovanni, our listeners get the inside scoop on the lives and musings of visionary women.

We’ve spoken to thousands of women— poets, artists, nine-figure entrepreneurs, activists, scientists, farmers, venture capitalists, even mystics about what it means to live in their peak vision. From those conversations, we’ve mined the depths of their insight—now, with the*journal, you can too. 

the*journal is brought to you by Melissa Kiguwa, the internationally renowned host of THE IDEALISTS.

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Praise for the*journal

J Murray


Received the Journal recently and it is so wonderfully inspiring, motivating, encouraging and kind. It is written and drawn in a way that creates a deep relaxation coupled with a zest for challenge which is an unusual and welcome feeling that I want more of!

Shiva Rose Klein

New York

A revelation. The questions and prompts struck me so profoundly inside, there were several moments that I had to pause while writing because I was so overcome with tears of recognition, realization, and consciousness.

Vanessa Villeneuve

Los Angeles

Melissa Kiguwa of THE IDEALISTS. is one of the world's preeminent podcasters. She combines life-changing wisdom with the unparalleled eloquence and vision that inspires women to change their lives for better. the*journal is destined to help whole generations of women.

Carston H


This masterpiece guided journal is the perfect road map for self-discovery that enables you to blueprint a life you actually want to live—one with purpose, meaning, and genuine joy.

Bailey M


Okay, this book is really beautiful and the prompts are really amazing. Questions like: "If life stopped today, what would you regret not doing?" "Describe your inner good girl and your inner bad girl. Why are you grateful for the both of them?" "What are your sexual non-negotiables and how did you find out?" I mean, WOW! 

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